Preparing and Communicating Sustainability Information

Providing Sustainability Information about Products is a Future Retailing Requirement:

  • Governments are requiring impact disclosure
  • Investors want to know if your business is sustainable
  • Consumers are conscious of their footprint

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European Union Digital Product Passport

Will apply to all consumer products except for Food, Animal Feed and Medicines  

Sets requirements on Manufacturers and Importers to create a Passport for all products sold

Sectors first impacted: Batteries, Textiles, Consumer Electronics, Furniture

Part of the Ecodesign Directive (2022 Commission Proposal)

“Imagine tomorrow browsing online, buying something, next to the price, there is also the footprint. And for that you need precise data.  Its not average data from some table, you know like the average coffee machine.  Its THAT coffee machine.”

Illias Laskovidis, DC connect, European Commission

ESG Sustainability and Traceability Platform

Entity Systems is Enterprise Software that creates, maintains and communicates all your traceability and sustainability information from one place

What we Do

  • Track and Trace each Item with its own QR Code
  • Calculate Sustainability Information on the Item Level
  • Fulfill EU Digital Product Passport Requirements
  • Communicate this Information Internally and to your Customers

Let’s add

Illustration of a shirt that should have sustainability information added.


Where is it from?

How did it get here?

How we Do it

  • We Perform a Life Cycle Analysis
  • Manage Data within Entity Systems
  • Create Product Passports with QR Codes for your Customers
  • Sell Impact Data as NFT
Process that Entity Systems uses to collect sustainability and operational information to create impact data.

Want to see how it looks?

Take a Product Tour of Entity Systems for Nora’s Bed and Bath, a hypothetical store.

Here, view the inputs into the system, including the calculated Life Cycle Analysis and a Digital Product Passport for a bathrobe imported from Turkey to the Czech Republic.

Demonstration Bathrobe

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