Development of the Entity Management System

Entity Systems is the result of developing a new method of tracking inventory in the supply chain that is centered around item level tracking and traceability both within, and between different parties in the supply chain.  I call this new system and method the Entity Management system.

My thinking on the importance of traceability in the supply chain developed along with my work on Entity Management System.  As I developed the concepts underlying the Entity Management System I was able to realize all of the great applications related to traceability that can be realized with the system. 

In a following series of posts, I will present some arguments on why I believe that providing the consumer with traceability data is the key to creating a sustainable, just and low carbon world.  In addition to traceability itself being a critical goal for supply chain, there are additional arguments in how I believe traceability should be implemented so that it has the biggest impact on consumers and businesses. 

  • Traceability needs to be decentralized and free
  • Carbon accounting information should be available for consumers so markets can reward leaders and punish laggards
  • Disclosing Transport Emissions should be part of the product emissions disclosure

These considerations have been incorporated into the Entity Management System to enable traceability on this scale and with this ease of use.  Entity Systems uses this new paradigm to create a modern, carbon trackable Warehouse Management System.  Entity Systems is an affordable solution that can be implemented in small or large firms, and concentrates on identifying each sellable unit when received or picked up, using the individual code to track the item within the facility or transport, and being able to pass on the information about the origin of the item when shipping or dropping off the item.  Carbon accounting information can be added at each stage of the products’ journey and then presented to the final consumer.  This can include information on transportation emissions.  The benefit of using the Entity Management System as opposed to other traceability options available in the market is that there is no centralized repository of information, and no additional processes are required.  The only requirement is that the system used to handle the goods (the WMS) uses the Entity Management paradigm. 

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