A New Way of Managing Goods: The Entity Management System and its Rules, Description, and Benefits

Depiction of a Real World Warehouse and shelf within that Warehouse and the corresponding Entity Management System Information Model

Entity Systems has developed a new method of managing goods within and between warehouses.  It is called the Entity Management System and has a huge potential to change how ESG and Sustainability information is created and managed.  The method can replace the Inventory paradigm and product serialization, and enables greater stock visibility, improves returns processes, … Read more

Entity Systems s.r.o. formed to provide Sustainability information about Consumer Goods

Customers are demanding to know more about their purchases.  Which factory made my clothes?  Does this factory operate in a sustainable way?  Were the workers paid a fair wage?  What is the CO2 impact of my purchase?  Regulators like the EU are also on track to demand that companies provide more information about their products … Read more

Traceability needs to be Decentralized and Free

Traceability of items through a business’ operations should be part of the normal operations of any warehousing or inventory system.  The system should be built in a way that there are no additional steps necessary in order to provide all the information about the origin of the product to the consumer, or the business down … Read more

Development of the Entity Management System

Entity Systems is the result of developing a new method of tracking inventory in the supply chain that is centered around item level tracking and traceability both within, and between different parties in the supply chain.  I call this new system and method the Entity Management system. My thinking on the importance of traceability in … Read more